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Rapid Fat Loss Upgrade

As part of our "Welcome To The Family" promotion, you're now eligible to speed up your fat burning results with our most popular upgrade: The Rapid Fat Loss Upgrade - available to you today at a massive discount.

The Rapid Fat Loss Upgrade makes it FASTER and EASIER for you to get the body you want because with this upgrade I've done all the hard work for you - figuring out what to eat and how to prepare healthy, and delicious and ULTRA-FILLING meals that meet the strict requirements laid out in the Underground Fat Loss Manual.

You see I've discovered that the #1 one reason people fail on any fat loss program is meal planning! Simply put, they don't know what to eat or how much!

That's Why I'm Going To SHATTER The #1 Reason People Fail... And Make It Faster & Easier  For You To Get Lean Fast!

Trying to create dozens of tasty, healthy meals that fit the strict requirements of the Underground Fat Loss method can extremely time consuming - unless you've got a live-in private chef!

That's why I actually hired a private chef to create a 21-day "done for you" meal plan that tells you exactly what to eat every day during your first 21 days on the program!

Forget about trying to figure it out on your own! I've done all the hard work for you!

Get Ready To Devour 21 Days of Tasty, Done For You, Underground Fat Loss Approved Meals!

Let's be real - getting lean and fit is sooooo much easier when you know exactly what to eat, exactly how much and - most of all - when you can enjoy tasty meals as well!

That's why I hired a private chef (and paid a small fortune) to come up dozens of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts that fit my demanding "Underground Fat Loss" criteria.

Imagine How Fast & Easy Getting Fit Can Be When You're Enjoying Meals Like...

Enjoy meals like these!
  • Savory Chinese Pork Stir Fry With Pineapple
  • Mouth-watering Mexican Fried Rice
  • Protein-Packed Blueberry Pancakes
  • Cinnamon Roll Protein Smoothie
  • Chicken & Mango Stir Fry
  • Super-Filling Pepper Steak
  • and dozens more "done for you" recipes and meal plans!

I've gone the extra mile to make your first 21 days on the program simple and easy. I've created all your meals for the first 21 days so you can just follow the day by day schedule, eat delicious foods and watch the pounds melt away!

I've given you a full 21-day meal plan, plus shopping lists so virtually everything is done for you.

Rapid Fat Loss Upgrade

And this 21-day meal plan includes a whopping 28 bonus recipes... so if you don't like a dish you can easily swap it out for something else!

But Wait - I Want To TRIPLE The Offer And Give You 3x As Many Meals!

In addition to 21 days of high-protein meals and bonus recipes, I also want to give you a 21-day low carb meal plan (perfect for anyone battling blood sugar issues or folks who prefer lower carb meals) and a 21-day vegetarian meal plan!

Here's a taste of what you'll find inside those meal plan packs...

21 Days Of Low-Carb Meal Plan Ideas, Including...

Low carb collection

Low carb
  • Savory Banana Chocolate Bites
  • Mouth-watering Egg, Broccoli & Ham Muffins
  • Crushed Cucumber Salad with Fresh Salmon
  • Peanut Butter Protein Whip
  • Healthy Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Poppers
  • Tom Yum Soup With Shrimp
  • and dozens more "done for you" recipes and meal plans!

21 Days Of Vegetarian Meal Plan Ideas, Including...

Vegetarian collection

  • Mouth-watering Tropical Breakfast Smoothie Bowl
  • Savory Baked Sweet Potato With Pesto and Pomegranate
  • Slow Cooker Cauliflower Tikka Masala
  • Power-Packed Beet Smoothie
  • Spoon-Lickin' Coconut-Banana Millet Custard
  • Chickpea & Tahini Stuffed Aubergine
  • and dozens more "done for you" recipes and meal plans!

Plus When You Upgrade Your Order Today I'm Giving You The Following Bonus Reports Absolutely FREE

Here's what else you're going to get:

Bonus Report #1: The Magic Dessert That Makes You Lean (Valued at $20)

Magic dessert

I've discovered a dessert that is absolutely magic. You make it at home with common ingredients. It takes less than 7 minutes to make with no baking and it costs only pennies. It's absolutely delicious.

And the more you eat, the leaner you get. Do you see why I call this dessert "magic"?

Inside "The Magic Dessert That Makes You Lean" you'll get the exact recipe for this incredible dessert so you can start making it tonight and enjoying the incredible fat burning properties of this dessert.

Bonus Report #2: The 60 Second Hormone Fix (Valued at $25)

60 Second Hormone Fix

Did you there's a simple 1-minute morning routine that can actually make you burn fat all day long?

It's true. Here's how it works:

If you struggle with your weight, chances are your leptin levels are out of balance. Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite, metabolism and body fat levels.

Scientists from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain discovered that a simple 60-second morning routine can actually re-balance leptin levels. This can help curb cravings and give you the potential to increase fat burning all day long.

Best of all, it takes just 60 seconds in the morning! This doesn't require any special equipment, no supplements, foods or powders.

It's just a simple 60-second routine that you perform in the morning that sends a signal to your body to optimize leptin levels.

Inside "The 60 Second Hormone Hack" you'll get the exact routine, the supporting research and step-by-step instructions so you can put this into action as soon as tomorrow morning!

Bonus Report #3: Even More Underground Fat Burning Secrets (Valued at $31)

Fat burning hacks

Did you know that watching a certain popular movie can actually burn 184 calories?

Or that eating with a BIGGER fork can actually trick your brain into making you feel full faster?

I've spent years hunting down and testing the most bizarre weight loss tricks. In this report you'll discover my favorite "underground" fat loss hacks, such as...

I freely admit that many of the secrets inside this report are weird. But they work.

And inside the "Even More Underground Fat Burning Secrets" report, you'll get unrestricted access to the entire list of weird and wonderful weight loss hacks.

Bonus Report #4: How To Shrink Your Waist By 3 Inches In 3 Weeks WITHOUT Exercise. (Valued at $20)

Shrink Your Waist

This one is really going to blow your mind.

Did you know there's a simple activity you can do when stuck at red lights that can actually shrink your waist by 3 inches in 3 weeks?

Strangest of all, you don't have to diet or exercise for this to work. I discovered this movement while researching an ancient circus performer and once I tested this out, I could see the results almost immediately.

The reason this works is because this 1 strange movement actually strengthens the INTERIOR muscles or your waist. These muscles get weak from sitting which can cause your waist to appear larger than it really is.

But by strengthening these hidden muscles in your waist, it acts like a natural "corset", giving you a leaner and tighter waist in just 3 weeks even without diet or exercise.

Best of all, you can perform this simple movement anywhere. In your car while sitting at a red light, waiting in line at the grocery store, or even while lying in bed! (I choose to do this movement in the shower while I'm washing my hair.)

Inside the "How To Shrink Your Waist By 3 Inches In 3 Weeks" report, you'll get an exclusive look at exactly how to perform this strange movement so you can start shrinking your waist immediately.

Bonus Report #5: The 6-Day Shred (Valued at $50)

6 Day Shred

Did you know that actors and models follow a very specific 6-day plan to ensure that they look their best for a photo shoot, an important filming day or a special red-carpet event?

Did you know that drinking MORE water 3 days before a special event can actually ensure that you're not bloated on the day of the event?

Or that eating a full-sized Snickers bar exactly 14 hours before a photo shoot can make your muscles look fuller and your waist look tighter?

These are just a few of the secrets that actors and models use to ensure that they look their absolute best for important events and photo shoots.

Inside "The 6 Day Shred" you'll get the exact day-by-day, hour-by-hour plan you can follow to ensure that you look your absolute best for an important event, a photoshoot, or just a day at the beach.

You'll Get Instant Access To The Entire Rapid Fat Loss Package Today AND You'll Save A Fortune Thanks To This One-Time Only Deal...

Here's everything you'll get when you level up and get The Rapid Fat Loss Upgrade:

*21 Day Done For You High Protein Meal Plan plus bonus recipes (Valued at $100)

*21 Day Done For You Low-Carb Meal Plan plus bonus recipes (Valued at $100)

*21 Day Done-For-You Vegetarian Meal Plan plus bonus recipes (Valued at $100)

* The Magic Dessert That Makes You Lean (Valued at $20)

* The 60 Second Hormone Hack (Valued at $25)

* Even More Underground Fat Loss Secrets (Valued at $31)

* How to Shrink Your Waist By 3 Inches In 3 Weeks (Valued at $20)

* The Secret 6 Day Shred Used By Models And Actors To Look Their Best For Special Events (Valued at $50)

Rapid Fat Loss Upgrade

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P.S. Don't forget I issue a CASH REWARD every month to whoever makes the most impressive physical transformation each month.

Thanks to the advanced fat loss tactics and techniques inside the Rapid Fat Loss Upgrade, you'll have a leg up on everyone else and therefore a better chance at pulling off an amazing transformation and pocketing some cash.

So ordering the Rapid Fat Loss Upgrade today could actually end up MAKING you money! So order right now!

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